CHILDREN'S BOOK MONDAY: I ran across a contest from http://mamahooper.blogspot.com/

I love children's books! I regularly read picture book to my students although many of them have moved on to thicker books, chapter books and have gotten hooked on a series. This book is an all time favorite in our house.

Mrs. Fannie's Hat's is written by Jan Karon, author of The Mitford Years. In this story, the character, Miss Fannie, has a closet full of hats and a life full of adventures. Each Sunday, she has different had to wear that she chooses from her collection. Miss Fannie's friends love seeing which hat she will wear next, but they always know that on Easter, she will wear her special Easter bonnet. Miss Fannie makes a tough decision when her church need money to fix the place up. This is a great story about kindness, generousity and giving to others. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for ages 1-100!

What is your recommendation?

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Stacy said...

This looks like a cute story. I'll bet my daughter would love all the hats! I'll have to check this one out! Thanks for the recommendation!