For Every Season

Ecclesiastes 3 states that to everything there is a season.....it is now time to give in and join the blogging world! Not sure why I have been so reluctanct to do this. I have a myspace page to keep in better contact with the kids in our youth group, friends from college and friends from the past....but I really have wanted a blog for quite some time..I suppose I have doubted my writing skills, that I might not have anything to say, (highly doubt that) or that I might not have the time to keep up with the site. I have thrown all of those concerns to the wayside and have decided to write what I can, when I can and however I can.......

I have become a faithful reader to many blogs over the last few years and have always marveled at the wonderful group of blogging friends I have made. So much so, that I find myself praying for them on several occasions. What a great way to share your thoughts, struggles and prayer requests, as well as, insights into God's Word, our daily walk with Him and this life in general.

So, be my friend, tell me your thoughts and help me get this ball rolling!