Jesus Hurry

Darren shared this song with me a few weeks ago and I have been listening to it on and off the last few days. I wanted to share these powerful words......this just sums up how I have felt lately....and this truly needs to be our hearts cry. The world has nothing for us and we need to have "dove eyes" (Solomn 1:15) It is such an upbeat song that reminds me of our whole mission here on earth...to Glorify HIM...but evermore all we want it so be with YOU! So, mute my playlist and have a listen!

by Rush of Fools
There is no lovelier sound
To be lost then to be found
Even more than we do now,
we will rejoice
Jesus, hurry come back for us
we cannot waitJesus, hurry come back,
we cannot wait, we cannot wait
We will sing, we will dance to songs
about all that You do
Evermore to be with You is all we want
Until at last, we see Your face
and behold Your glory
Until at last, we see Your face
We want to see all Your glory,
all Your gloryJesus, hurry come back,
hurry come back Lord..
I can't wait till You come back for me...

Jesus Hurry - Rush Of Fools

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