Our Moral Compass

I came across a video today titled "Hit and Run" This video is so apaulling that I wasn't even sure it was real for a minute. It is from a traffic camera of a hit and run where Angel Torres, age 78, was hit by a passing car and was left lying on the street for over a minute while people drove by, walked by and just watched without helping. The police chief of Hartford shared how he felt the city had lost it's "moral compass" You can read the news release here.

He is in critical condition at Hartford Hospital, and they say he is paralyzed. A news website covering the story included his address. Wouldn't it be cool if those of us who are trying not to "lose our moral compass" reached out to him and overwhelmed him with cards and letters? Let him know someone cares.

The address is below.
Angel Arce Torres
Hartford Hospital
80 Seymour Street
Hartford, CT06102


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a sad reality check for us. A fellow human being is taken out by a car (which happens to be driving on the wrong side of the street)and it does not even bring a response from anyone.....9 vehicles pass him by, 15 people, and 1 motorcyle...before the police car finally stops. And people wonder if we are truely becoming desensitized to the tramatic events going on around us. What will it take for people to take a serious look at their moral compass, and make corrective change? Apparently it will take much more than a man getting hit by a car and left for dead. I would love to stay and rant more, but I have a compass to check...

TurboChik said...

I too saw this clip on the news, and it almost made me sick to my stomach. I think someone even takes a picture of him. THANK YOU for sending the address, and I will get a card out as soon as possible. I'm pleased to know there are people who still care.