Victory this Summer?

"What's your plan for victory this summer?"
Since it's June, my plan for a "victorious summer" means lazy days in pj's, fun projects, extra scrapbooking, the park, swimming, softball, sleepovers, late nights, BBQ's and much more.
But after reading that one sentence..."What's your plan for victory" on the
Beth Moore's site, I realized that God might be asking me to do something a little more than "enjoy Tracy time" these next three months. Are you sure Lord? Because I can fill up my days pretty quickly with some other things......I have the opportunity to work with, hang out with and study with some awesome girls at our church. Girts that are new to this whole God thing, want to know what a deeper relationship with Jesus means. Some of them are single moms, some are engaged, and one is a few years older than me.

Who do you have in your life that might need some mentoring? Someone to just go through a study with them, a book in the Bible, maybe even focus on one scripture with them. There are lonely, hungry for God's word, longing for a deeper relationship seeking a friend women around us....more than we realize.

Why do I always seem surprised when God just allows people to cross my path the moment I ask HIM where HE wants me to serve.

I am excited!

One reason I am excited is because I have spent the last few months walking a difficult road in this whole ministry thing and I realize that it is time to get my eyes off myself, drop the "woe is me" attitude and begin giving again. For we all know that when we pour our lives into others, it is then that we are truly blessed.

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