Doves Eyes

Thou hast 'doves' eyes' (Song of Solomon, 1:15).

I love Mondays! Monday are my Bible Study days and I just love going through the Song of Solomon. I can't begin to explain all that I have learned in this short time. I love this description of a conversation between Christ and his church and to us, individually. We have been focusing on the references this book gives to having dove's eyes; DOVE"S EYES THAT STAY FOCUSED ON ONE THING! Not distracted by things around them. no peripheral vision, just looking at one thing.

I know there is so much more symbolism when referring to doves, for example, purity, new beginning, etc. but lately I have been trying to focus on having "doves eyes" that only focus on one thing. THE KING! Unrestricted devotion for only HIM!

I wanted to end with a section of this article I read by Bob Sorge from the Oasis House Ministries. I have had to remind myself so often lately, that I will stand despite of but more importantly, I will stand BECAUSE OF...

Standing There by Bob Sorge

To stand, despite the warfare; to stand, despite the resistance; to stand, despite the hassles; to stand, despite weariness; to stand, despite distresses; to stand, despite the temptations; to stand, despite personal failure and collapse; to stand, despite the grief; to stand, despite the loneliness; to stand, even when chained; just to stand!

To stand, because of the cross; to stand, because of the Lamb; to stand, because of His affections; to stand, because of His acceptance; to stand, because of His mighty power within; to stand, because of fountains of living water flowing from the innermost being; to stand, because of His surpassing beauty and greatness; to stand, because of His eternal purpose; to stand, because of His everlasting mercies; to stand, because of love!
To Stand with Dove's Eyes!
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I was listening to Misty Edwards on her website and working when the song "dove's eyes" came on. I have been learning a lot about doves as Jesus has been teaching me a lot about soul devotion and focus on Him. I have heard that doves do not have peripheral vision and it made my heart jump at the thought of devoted, beautiful attention solely to the Bridegroom. I was looking up facts about dove’s vision on the internet, and it sent me to your blog...with the song attached to the bottom! Thank you for your beautiful heart attached to the Father's! Keep on seeking Jesus...there is ALWAYS more and He ALWAYS satisfies!
Love you sister!

Tracy: said...

Thanks for this comment! :) Blessed me to hear from you and for your encouraging words! I know you are someone that I love..but who?? Do tell! LUVS!