Favorite Friday

I was so happy when OPI went from being sold only in salons to being sold in most drugstores. I found my latest color at Kmart. They are a little more pricey than the Wet-N-Wild bottle you can pick up for a couple bucks. But OPI lasts forever and I have never had a color dry out on me. OPI India Collection is my all time favorite OPI colors. Maybe it's just the names of the colors that keep drawing me back to these $8 bottles. The I'm India Mood for Love (hot pink) and Monsooner or Later (orange red)are the two colors I've had on this summer! I love these colors on tan feet. For my next pedicure, I am going to try Siberian Nights, a dark indigo color. Now, I need to get a side job to so I can get weekly pedicures ; )

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