Found this meme at Lots of Scotts and had to join in.....

What were you doing ten years ago? I had a 6 year-old, 3 year-old and I was very pregnant with my last bambino. I was teaching third grade in southern California at a year-round school.

Favorite Snack: Nuts, chips, crackers, cheese, popcorn, etc ; )

To Do List: I make to do lists at work when I'm teaching but rarely use them at home. Darren makes a to do list for everything he does and I like to make fun of that ; )

Jobs I Have Had: Good ol Wendy's, homeschooled a friends kids, Mental Health Depart. Teacher,

Places I have lived: Arizona, Ohio, California, Oregon

Bad Habits:
1. I often procrastinate
2. I hate talking on the phone and usually don't call people back in a timely manner
3. I eat after 6:00pm
4. I eat more than my 5'1 frame should
5. I should turn my tv and computer off more than I do

5 Random Things People May Not Know;
1. I am a pretty lame cook
2. I don't go to bed with a messy house (very often) I said messy not CLEAN
3. I always have polish on my toes
4. I would NEVER fly in a small plane
5. I HATE my nose being pinched..so don't try it

CD's I would Want if I were Stranded on an Island; Any Third Day, Chris Tomlin, Misty Edwards, Hillsong, basically any worship song

What I'd Do if I were a Billionare: Pay off our debts, share with family, donate to the Ronald McDonald House, give to the church and missions, set my kids up for college, TRAVEL!!!

Your Turn!

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JMom said...

Thanks for playing! I loved reading this...and the picture below is adorable!