This summer we have really been encouraging the kids to read..(I know, I sound like a teacher) So, in June, I took them to the library and we stocked up on some summer reading material. I try not to push my passion onto my kids but Reading is not a Passion, it's a way of life!!!!
{Sidenote: I was so happy the other day when I came home from grocery shopping and my 16 year-old left me a note saying he took his sisters to the library!!!! Truth be told, they had no money to do anything else but check out free movies and books..; }

In June, I bought each of them a new devotional book and I did the whole mom speech about not spending the entire summer in front of the tv or computer and "carving" out time for devotions. Blah blah blah, is what I am sure they heard.

Last week, when Haley's bottom had actually taken root on the couch, I told her it was time to start the day, (since it was almost lunch time) and she needed to get dressed, maybe read her devotion book and head outside to play. She soon disappeared for a total of 4 minutes, came back to me said she was done reading and was going outside. When I questioned her about her super fast reading skills, the truth came out, she had decided to read one of her older Bible books, this what my nine year old was reading.

This is a cute book......if you are FIVE!! Of course, being who I am, I looked at this as a "teaching moment" and quickly gave her a "speech" on how she is ready for more "solid food" and not "milk" and needs to be reading more than just this little book.

She thought that analogy was the funniest thing she had ever heard and as she skipped off to play on the trampoline, I heard her say, "Mom, today I just want a little milk" Like all loving mom's would do, I yelled back, "Lazy whimp" I don't normally call my children such encouraging names but this situation called for some TRUTH!

I wonder how many times God says that to me when I am busy, in a hurry or want to take the easy way out.....I have often thought....Let's see, what verse can I read today to "hold me over" I know we serve a loving, compassionate, understanding God, but I do believe HE does give that spiritual kick, nudging, push, call it what you want...telling right from wrong.
Hebrews 5:14 (the message)

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