And they will come....in 10 days!

Tomorrow is the first day back to school for teachers. I always have anxiety leading up to this day. I hate seeing the end of summer but am excited for the new year ahead. I went to the teacher store the other day and nothing can get a teacher excited like THE TEACHER store. Just when I thought my brain was still shut down for the summer and I didn't have one fresh idea for 20 fourth graders the dam let down.....apples and posters and shiny rulers and fall border and games and fall leaves for window clings....ahhh! Don't you all want to be in fourth grade? So, tomorrow I will wake up, begin working in my room, see all my wonderful teacher friends and begin praying over each desk, for the child that will spend nine months, five days a week in my care! What pressure but what an honor. I love my job! Oh and I can't forget to mention the best things about the 08-09 school year.... I get to have my baby in my class! Yippee! I wish the kids were coming tomorrow.....um, no I don't...I have TOO MUCH TO DO.....Anxiety! ahhhhh! I only have ten days.....and they will come!!!

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Rachel said...

Hope you have an amazing year teaching the little ones. What a mission field of little souls God blessed you with every day for a while 9 months out of every year.