Back to Reality

We are back from our awesome trip to Ohio. I love being with family that we rarely see. We got to visit with my grandpa and his wife, my dearest best friend from fourth grade, Kelli. (We stayed up til 2:00am and got up early to visit more) then onto my fun cousins house, for a big family party, celebrating Andi's birthday with cake and homemade ice cream, more food and a dunk tank to top it off. Kelli, my childhood friend!

Never enough time to visit!

My mom and Grandpa on a walk

My grandpa and I on

a little hike near his house.

My cousin Kelli that hosted the great party and let us crash at her house.
On Saturday night, we headed to Cincinnati to visit Grandma Esther.

Cute mama Nicole and her Mama, Aunt Cindy.

While we were there, we had a baby shower for Nicole, who's due in December. What a blessing to be there and share this special day with the family!

This is my sweet, precious grandma. We played hours of dominoes, watched games shows, shopped and ate out every meal. She is a wonderful cook, but these days would rather take us out than spend hours in the kitchen. Sounds good to me ;) I drank a ton of sweet tea. I woke up thismorning craving some delicious sweet tea!

I ended the trip with Nicole, more shopping and some good Indian food!

What a great way to end summer. I cherish time with my favorite Ohio

people and now it's back to reality and on to a new school year.

Reality has hit HARD!
This is how much fun I had. Large, big, great!

FUN! (I have no idea what I am doing here)


nicole said...

You're so cute, like your grandma. :)

Tracy: said...

SWEET COLE! You're cuter! Miss you girlfriend!