Notes of Love/Favorite Friday

I have a little book of fun sayings that I can slip in the kids lunch boxes, backpacks or wherever. I sometimes leave one of the notes on their pillow, especially if I'm headed out of town. Just a little note to remind them how much I love them. I hadn't used it for awhile. Many of the sayings or quotes are geared toward younger kids and I felt the older kids had grown out of them. I loved walking into my room awhile back and finding this on my dresser, it was from my youngest. She had climbed up on the counter and found where I keep the book.

I not only love you,

I like being with you,

Thanks for being great!

So cute and thoughtful~!

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lookin4sprouts said...

Friend, tried to comment on FB but dont think it went through. Thank you for remembering my bday with your email, text and mostly long lasting for a lifetime kinda friendship with deep love and precious moments. Love you much, Kendra (hows first week of school? makes me remember getting out the crock pot, bulletin boards, figuring out schedules etc...)