Healer/ Worship

I saw this amazing video here and had to pass it on.
Michael, who is sick, with every ounce of energy, walks up on that stage and sings with thousands of other people and leads them in the most amazing worship. I love Hillsong! My ipod is filled with Hillsong, but I had not come across the story behind this song. The first video is of Michael telling his story and the second one is him singing the song he wrote, HEALER.

I Believe You're My Healer, I Believe You are all I Need! You are more than enough for me!

I have been focusing more on worship and trying to make that a bigger part of my morning devotions.....worship, prayer, reading scripture, everymorning! I was sharing with someone the other day about my anxiety of starting a new school year and all the stress that comes along with that and I was challenged by my mentor/friend to not miss a day of devotions for the next two weeks! Not one day! I was telling her that I want to be LOVESICK for HIM! She responded with a wave of the arm, saying, "that's easy, don't miss one day with HIM, get up early, in the quietness of the day, go before HIM and worship, pray, read!" Everyday!! So this is the song I listened to this morning, over and over! Powerful, true words!

Worship is premium importance; corporately, it is so powerful, we are part of something stronger. The Word says, do not forsake meeting together. We need to become a part of a greater body than just yourself. But worship by yourself, the time between you and the Lord that no one will know about, is just as important. There's a need for expression from the created to the creator. (Darlene Zshech)


Laurie said...

Thank you. I really, really, really needed to hear this story and this song. Thank you for the great reminder of Who we serve! The Healer - not just of the physical, but of the emotional and the spiritual. And I KNOW that cloak Michael speaks of - I have experienced those moments when it was God literally 'covering' me with His anointing and power as I was to get up and do something I physically could not do in my own strength.
He is our Holy and Sovereign Redeemer!!!

Todd and Randi said...

Thanks for linking to our blog! I ended up downloading this song on iTunes and I listen to it nonstop.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just wondering if you have heard the news about Mike yet. It seems that he lied about having terminal cancer. He needs our prayers. And yes, the song, Healer is still God inspired!!!

Tracy: said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for you comment. Yes, I have heard the devasting news about Micheal. I posted about it that very day. It's right above this post. Thanks for stopping by and God bless!!