"Weird" Things About Me

I was tagged by Nicole to list ten weird things about me. At first, I could barely think of anything. I mean, isn't everyone else "weird" and I'm the normal one...?? Then, the list began and I could barely make myself limit it to ten. So here it is! Please join in and share your list. Maybe I won't feel so WEIRD if you remind me how WEIRD you are!

1. I don’t like surprises. I would much rather KNOW about the “surprise” and look forward to it.

2. I LOVE celebrating my birthday….no matter how old I am, I want the world to stop and sing to me. (I also LOVE celebrating my friends birthday and think everyday should be one big celebration)

3. I DO love making a nice dinner for my family but I HATE cooking.

4. I love eating out and trying new restaurants..(see #3)

5. I would rather be with my family more than anyone….I LOVE the days when it’s just the five of us. With my kids growing up, I know those days are limited.

6. My husband makes me laugh more than anyone else…..

7. I have a calendar in my head and rarely have to keep a calendar, (unlike some I know, who can’t remember what he’s doing in an hour……husband)

8. I LOVE the ages of my three kids and wish it they would stay this age forever (ages 16, 14, 9) THE BEST!!

9. I am re-energized by people. I thrive on relationships and can’t imagine life without my girlfriends!

10. I sometimes drink a pot of day old coffee because I am too lazy to make new. I KNOW, I KNOW, GROSS!

Send me your list NOW!

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Anonymous said...

In reference to your # 7, I know exactly what I am doing in an hour. It's either fishing or...wait, let me check my Blackberry.