A Little Bit of Random

listening to worship music..LOUD!
SUN is SHINING (miracle)
screen door cracked
kids playing outside
played games all day with Haley (i rock at Jenga)
had coffee with the husband this morning! (so glad he took up the habit with me..FINALLY)
read the Bible with the husband this morning! (asking for wisdom on some tough decisions)
street ministry in Portland tonight with my whole family (and 25 other people)
dryer is going, fridge cleaned out and all dishes are clean!
breakfast with an old friend in the AM
menu planned for next week
had a picnic lunch with Haley
caught up on all my shows (love DVR)
didn't shower yet....gross, i know...have brushed teeth
helped 4th grader finish her book for her book report
not making dinner tonight
Off to the CITY and it's only 3:30

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