"NOT ME" Monday

I have loved reading McMama's "Not Me" Monday
posts each week and decided to join in this week!

I have been keeping updated and praying for her family for the last few months. What a fun writer and true lover of God... stop by and check on her family!

I thought I would join in this week, since it is SUCH a Monday around here!

*I did not go to work today without an umbrella and stand outstide with the kids after school, with no coat...or umbrella

* I did not dig into the Halloween candy and eat chocolate for lunch. stupid, stupid, stupid!

* I did not forget about a meeting after school and walked in ten minutes late.

* It wasn't me that wasted time on the phone today, instead of doing laundry

* I did not go buy a pumpkin spice latte, after school, after having chocolate for lunch!

* It was not me that had a dead battery, at the gas station, in the rain...on a Monday!

How was your Monday?


Your Knight in previously shinning armour, but now it is rusty due to the rain. said...

Thank you so much for creating specific opportunities that allow me to be your rescuer...at the gas station...jump starting your car...in the rain. I had been hoping all day that I would have such an opportunity to serve you, and see, it happened!

p.s. um, my schedule is pretty full today, so if you would be so kind as to reschedule the next opportunity to a different day, that would be sweet:) jk you know that I would do anything, anywhere, anytime, anyway for you!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

I came by your site for the Not-Me's and became completely engrossed in your letter to your daughter. How utterly beautiful. It totally made me cry. Thank you for such a moving post.

On a lighter note, I can completely relate to being caught in the rain. Happened to me just yesterday during a freak storm in my hometown. Too funny! At least we can laugh about it...afterwards. :)

3 Bay B Chicks said...

PS: Your knight in shining amour is very sweet.