Embracing the Morning

Our bathroom is not a big room. It works for two people but often it’s more than two people that in end up getting ready in the morning before school.

While I start out having a quiet shower, usually before I can get fully dressed, someone joins for some reason or another. This morning I had one that decided to brush her teeth while the other was borrowing my hairspray, (didn’t I just buy her own bottle for her?) and then I feel a little push as someone squeezes by me…..is my husband really taking out the trash in the bathroom at the same time three females are trying to get ready? Seriously?

Just as I realize that I am getting really hot, I am getting claustrophobic and need MY space, I feel a sweet little pat on my bottom and I turn around and watch all three walk out….which hand it belonged to, I don’t know, but I do know I stinkin LOVE my family and would never trade a crowded bathroom full of morning chatter, and a pat on the behind for 5 large bathrooms.

I know I could lock my door which would force them to use their own bathroom, but then I wouldn’t be EMBRACING the moment, now would I?


mandy said...

I always have my OWN bathroom time... But a few weeks ago I spent some time with my friend (IN OREGON!) and her daughter LOVED hanging out in the bathroom with me as we got ready for whatever.
I LOVED having that girl time with her.
Strange to share a bathroom with the two kids in the house, but it also made me feel more like family. More connected. I'm glad for it.

Robin said...