My "Not so Smart Dog"

Yesterday we headed down to the river with our very dumb, black lab. We love our dog but ever since we got him about a year ago, he seems to be missing a screw......not quite all there. Barking at the TV, always needs to be touching and chases our feet when we walk by him. He is loveable and always needs/wants/tries to be touching someone at all times..even if that means putting his head on your foot or sitting really close to you wherever you are.....Grant it, we have not spent a ton of time training this poor animal, he does love human interaction! For a dog with a learning disability, he is pretty obedient.

So, we attempted to take him to the river for a walk. We don't do this very often because he doesn't jump in the back of the truck...he just doesn't. What large lab will not jump? Here is a quick video of what we go through everytime we take him on a field trip.

SIDENOTE: I am annoyed by my own rambling voice in this video....."tracy, just be quiet and take a breath"

Our not smart dog #2 from Tracy bartholomew on Vimeo.


Robin said...

Thanks goodness dogs go to Heaven. He will have all his french fries in one basket once he gets there!

Nicole said...

Just pick him up, Darren! He only weighs a hundred lbs!