Checking in...

Oh, this blog has been so neglected. I have so many things I want to share, write out and pictures I want to share! I am doing it alone this week, husband is out of town visiting his brother, right at the beginning of spring sports season! So, that means busy, busy, busy..by myself! The kids are actually quite easy at this age. But I see why parenting is made for two. I miss my man!

I'm getting ready for a retreat in San Diego in a few weeks, a Beth Moore conference...WHOO HOO, Jr/Sr banquet for our son, and of course, EASTER this weekend! I love, love, love this time of year....focusing on HIS sacrifice that HE made for us.....although this should be our focus everyday of our life, this holiday, this time of reflection just OVERWHELMS me every year! He's not just a broken man on a cross, but a SAVIOR that is alive, a SAVIOR that restores, heals, full of grace and ready to change lives!

I've been up for a few hours now, ready some Psalms and listening to some Misty Edwards, such good worship!!

Garden - Misty Edwards

Ending with a picture of my most favorite things in the WORLD!!!
Oh, I just love so much, I could scream!

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