Spring, Field Trips and Things!

The top picture is across the street from the Capital,Beautiful tree "tunnel"
Haley ontop of the Capital building, posing with her friends!

Haley making her Easter tomb with
her bread! They turned out so cute, thanks to an awesome parent in my classroom!
Also, some cute Easter cookies, again thanks to an awesome parent in my room.

Here is the loot that the Easter Bunny brought...I mean really, when do you outgrow a basket and what in the world do you put in a 17 yr. old boy's basket. My 10 yr. old asked for a few pieces of candy and some credit cards...wha?? This last picture to the right, is the mess that 4 teenagers left in my kitchen! When are they old enough to clean up??? Actually, they are very good at that, except for this time! Looks like fun was had by all! :)

Here is my favorite picture of all....my cute kiddos! Of course, this is try number 10 and Haley still isn't on "her best behavior" ha!

I'm excited to see Beth Moore this week….”see Beth Moore” like she’s coming over for dinner…. I’m going to one of her conferences this weekend with my mom and I CAN’T WAIT!
Heading a retreat in 9 days…in……San…D-i-e-g-o…my favorite place in the world!
When I return, that will leave us with only 5 weeks left of school…WHAT? I have absolutely LOVED having Haley and her friends in my class this year! It has been a year to remember and an “easy” year. The parents already knew me, trusted me and let me just teach! It was amazing! I feel blessed to have had the opportunity!