Childhood to Adulthood

A LIST of things I wish we carried over from childhood to adulthood:
  • That I still got an allowance for doing chores
  • That I still ate coco puffs every morning
  • That I still climbed trees and had a tree house
  • That I still had slumber parties
  • That I still went roller skating every Friday night, ("All Skate, Change directions")
  • That I still had "big bangs"
  • That I still wore a fanny pack
  • That I could still wear my fluorescent pink shorts
  • That it was still cool to dress like a twin with your best friend
  • Not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve
  • Not being able to sleep the night before my birthday
  • Eating poprocks!
  • That I could still spend Saturdays playing ATARI
  • That I still rocked at Skip-It
  • That I could still buy a "pool pass" and go EVERYDAY, ALL DAY in the summer
  • That I still had plastic streamers on my bike
  • That I could still get lost in the Little House in the Prairie books (wishing I was Laura Ingalls)

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