Goodbye School Year!

As I get older I realize the reality of the phrase "time flies" It seems I just wrote this post about the excitement of starting a new school year. It's time to take down the bulletin boards, clean out the desks and call it another year. It's been cool to look back at my journals the last 6-7 years and read what I have written the first day of school. So much anxiety goes into that day...no matter how many years are under your belt. This year has been amazing! What a blessed year I have had! Having my daughter in my class has been more fun than I would have ever thought. The added bonus was having her friends was awesome! Some of my closest friend's children were in my class. It was an easy year. No stress with behavior issues or challenges with parents! BLESSED, BLESSED, BLESSED this year! I will be extra sad to see this group move on : (

We have three days of school left and a long agenda!

A few days after school is out, we will be heading to California to my brother's wedding. I am so excited for this day that I can barely stand it! We have been shopping every spare minute to get the last details for the wedding. We are then heading to Arizona to visit D's family. We are looking for some melt your skin HOT weather...then back to CA for another wedding that Darren gets to perform... : ) Hoping to get some good days on the beach!

Sports are over, summer camps are on the calendar, my scrapbooking things are being dusted off and my pile of fun reading books is getting higher! CAN.NOT. WAIT for the lazy days of summer!

* D. surprised me with this thismorning

* And an added bonus of this

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