The End

School is officially out! The last two weeks have been filled with activities with my class and luckily my wonderful husband helped a ton! I even put him in charge of candle making with a group of 10 year old pioneers!Haley's making a "jacob's ladder"
The students were so unfamiliar with this
that they kept calling it "George's ladder"
Then Darren headed up the last
day of school outdoor games
for 4o 4th graders! Awesome!
The weather was perfect!

Q-tips and a straw
On Memorial Day we headed
to the lake! Fun, hot day!
haley and her friend, christinamolly and dad

tim and bethany

beautiful and relaxing!
good-bye 08-09 school year!
It's been fun, but having this sweet girl in my
class was by FAR the BEST! Mom and miss Haley
Gifts of love from my amazing kiddos!

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