Overflow My Carts!

"You crown the year with bounty and your carts overflow with abundance" Psalm 65:11

"Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom" Psalm 90:12

I'm so excited for the new year and what's in store for 2010. I realize that goals and resolutions can be made at anytime. I'm not a big "resolutions" girl. I fail..every year! So I tend to "resolution" every few months. When summer comes, I clean out, organize and get ready for the warm weather, make a list of things I want to do in my 3 months off. In the fall, I write out my lesson plans and goals for the school year, etc. But there is something different about the NEW YEAR...and new season, a new beginning. I look back at the previous year and see how far GOD has brought me, stretched me, loved me and taught me knew things about HIS extravagant beauty! So this year I am asking for one thing; MORE, MORE, MORE! That has been my constant prayer the last few days and will be the cry of my heart for 2010~
I want to know the cry of HIS heart, I want the things of this world to become dim and HIS face to shine bright...HE is asking us to love HIM passionately, extravagantly and without abandon!
I want to experience a deeper outpouring of HIS Holy Spirit....I want to see Him transform my life, my family, His church, this community....Fasting and Prayer is where HE is calling me...Fasting and Prayer......from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same!! MORE, MORE, MORE!! Join me!

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