holy experience
Last night was one of those nights I seem to have
about every 10 days or so, when the Holy Spirit gently
nudges me awake about 2:00am and I know without
a doubt, the Lord has some things to say to me.
I hear better at night, I am more sensitive to HIS calling,
and HE speaks to me louder at that time....or is it, I listen better?
No distractions. Earlier I had come across sara's insightful
blog about her family, her life, her "green" diet, etc.
It was clear, as soon as I began reading, that she loves the
Lord. Last year, Sara decided to memorize the whole book of James,
yes, the whole book. Wha? huh? wow! My soul longs to hide
HIS Word in my heart but I have never applied myself..at least not
an entire book...verses...a few times chapters..never books! I was
so intrigued by this that I opened James and began reading. It
really does sum up the Godly life. It wasn't long before I
realized why I haven't memorized chapters. I get "stuck"
I stop and breath in, soak up the life-giving words and I don't get far.
James 1:19
"Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry"
Words I've read before, but came at me with a punch tonight.
Flashes of the day came pouring forth...
quick to listen....slow to speak..slow to speak...uhmm...quick to listen...
Oh Lord, is this why you woke me, gently nudged me, whispered my name...
quick to listen...slow to speak....quick to listen..slow to speak...slow to become angry!
Your servant is often a slow learner!
You are a loving GOD!
I love you too, Lord!


Megan said...

Isn't it amazing! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Come back again, and I will be visiting yours!

A story unfolding...

Jill said...

I love moments like these... Good word sista.

Annesta said...

The Holy Spirit nudges me to wake up in the middle of the night, too. It is the best time to listen...to hear Him speaking.
Beautiful post.
Grace and Peace

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

A fitting post for my current journey in God's Word. Currently I'm working on James 1:22-25, the part about looking into a mirror and then forgetting what I hear! I think James wrote this with me in mind. Always hearing, never fully receiving it into my heart so as to exact a change.

Hi. Elaine here from Ann's blog. Nice to visit you.

Blessings and peace this week~elaine

Karen said...

It seems like God also wakes me up during the night or wee morning hour...hmmm..it may be because I am too busy to listen to His voice throughout the day...

Good thoughts, good words...came by from AHE...I plan to come back=)