5 People/12 Months

I love taking pictures and rarely go a day without snapping a shot of something or someone. I also love scrapbooking but save that for summertime, when life is slow and I can leave all my junk out on the diningroom table for days on end. I also try to load the pics onto flicker, snapfish and blog a few here and there. I love following blogs that do Project 365 but I know I would never have the time to keep up like I would want to....so I was reading about Sara's cute idea today (which was actually Tara's idea) and now I have adopted it to be my idea  ; )  The idea is to take a picture of your family and post it each month with a little note about what is happening in life at that moment. I love the concept!  Although I am always snapping pictures, rarely do all 5 of us get in a shot together....so, join me and let the picture taking begin. It's only February..it will be so fun to look back over all the shots when the year is over!

Oregon Coast
A Family Getaway
Jan. 2010
This is the only picture of th 5 of us together in 2010!
My face is hidden by a shadow and what is that ball on my head?
But everyone else looks great and I guess that's what matters!


Robin said...

So do I have to add another person to our family to participate?
I love the idea.

Tracy: said...

You can just throw me in the pic with your family....although I hate getting my picture taken, I would love to be in your family...heehee!!