Children of the World

This past week Children of the World Choir visited our community and school. We had the privilege to host two little girls. One from Uganda and the other from Nepal. These girls walked right into our home and our heart. They came in like two little tornados and brought so much joy and life to our already joy-filled home. Once again, I can't put into words how these little faces impacted each one of us. They have wonderful, loving directors that take great care of them while traveling but in each city they visit, they stay in different homes. The children depend on host families to feed them, love them, pray for them, tuck them in and just spend time with them. Each night I would walk in to check on them before I went to bed and thought, how could we possibly have these two babies from the other side of the world, curled up under High School Musical sheets, holding Haley's stuffed animals..sleeping under our roof and in a few months they will be back at an orphanage (or poverty stricken home.) Could we please keep them, Lord!?

Our hearts were very sad to say good-bye. We sent them with letters and pictures to remember us. We would've sent them with much more if we could've....because of space while traveling, we were unable to do that. (They were well taken care of and not lacking anything) All five of us have brought them up in conversation many times this weekend.

Children, with tremendous stories, parentless....tragedy I can only imagine but a firm confidence in their Savior, taught me more about faith, joy, peace, love and determination..more than I could put into words so I'll share with pictures and a few videos! We were beyond BLESSED to meet and love Lakpi and Winnie this past week.

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Anastasius Widjaya said...

Nice and cute children. i feel they will grow up with the grace of God. your picture remembering me about the children in my country Indonesia

God bless you