Looks What Coming!

Next week Trader Joe's will be opening in our
little town. This is quite exciting for us...
Micheals, Jamba Juice AND
Trader Joe's! We just might be a
small city now and not a town : )
Whenever I want to shop at TJ's I've always
had to drive about 40 minutes,
which rarely happened! I have a list of favorites
at this store but right now, I'm hooked on
their Lemon pound cake mix. (yes, a mix!)
Yummo! What do you like to get at TJ's

Quiet mornng at this house,
the girls are both at sleepovers, the guys
are still sleeping, I'm drinking my liquid sunshine,
COFFEE, reading and getting ready to
make some delicious pancakes.
Hope to throw in a Big Loser Workout (after pancakes, ha)

Heading out tonight to celebrate my wonderful dad's birthday tonight with the family!
My cute parents!

Off to read my new book and make Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies for my dad!
Lazy Saturdays bring JOY!


Anonymous said...

YAY! You're back - love your blog.

Tracy: said...