Velvet Cupcake Balls?

Over Christmas, my sister-in-law and I attempted to make a red velvet cake  that turned into cupcakes, that turned into balls, which then took on the name, "Santa Balls" It was a complete disaster. I really shouldn't even include sweet Liz in the disaster because she was just an innocent bystander to my huge flop! We did eat a few of the red velvet balls but eventually dumped them in hopes of trying again next year. So, here we are at Valentines Day and yes, I have the itch to try again. I love all things red in February. I would love to redecorate my entire house for V Day! My classroom is really sporting some cool hearts and everything pink, red and white! The window clings are the best. Back to the Cupcakes...I hope to achieve something close to this picture that I found over at sugadeaux cupcakes Now I'm looking for an easy Red Velvet Cake recipe!? Help!

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