Wish I Could Hit Rewind!

Yesterday I had a parenting moment that I would like to quickly forget. An impatient moment, a quick, harsh word that brought tears to my sweet daughter's eyes quickly. Although, her words were careless, as well, I could've handled this tender heart in such a different way.  It breaks my heart to think about how my selfish,  ugly ways can spill out onto my kids! ugh! It all ended well, apologies, hugs and some time together eating dinner and watching her favorite tv show with her, under blankets on the couch. I still was sad and discouraged that it even happened! 

This morning, during my prayer time,  I was really asking the Lord why that happened...what is still in me, from the "old" Tracy, that still oozes out every once in awhile? I know we are human, we are sinful, but I have died to this daily..impatient, harsh,  quick, rude words...I LET THAT GO ALREADY....Just last week I wrote about the verse in James that says BE SLOW TO SPEAK..we've been there, done that, LORD!  And then I read this....it was straight from the Lord! 

Bring Me your weakness, and receive My Peace, Accpet yourself and your circumstances just as they are, remembering that I am sovereign over everything. Do not wear yourself out with analyzing and planning. Instead let thankfulness and trust be your guides through this day; they will keep you close to Me. As you live in the radiance of My Presence, My Peace shines upon you. You will cease to notice how weak or strong you feel, becasue you will be focusing on Me. The best way to get through this day is step by step with Me. Continue this intimate journey, trusting that the path you are following is headed for heaven!!!!

Wow, I love when He speaks to me so quickly and directly! These are the words I needed to hear from Him!  He is ALL that we need!

"Guard my words as your most precious possession… " Pr. 7:2 (LB)

* I have been a parent long enough to realize that we do have "not so good" parenting days and our God is gracious and our kids are too! This was more of a heart issue that I was not happy with and I needed some surgery, so to speak : )

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