Reading Between the Lines

The other day I received an email from an aquaintance. The way the email was worded made me defensive immediately. I was ready to hit reply in a split second...you know, "put her in her place" so to speak. Her words consisted of "Why didn't you..."  "Help me understand why you would..." "You should've...." I don't really like how...." I was surprised to receive this from her, she wasn't usually one to question my leadership or be negative but I had obviously done something she didn't like and she felt free enough to let me know. Before I decided to reply another friend happened to stop by my classroom, I mentioned  the email and this was her simple response, "She probably just needed the situation explained to her, she probably didn't mean to sound rude, just call her." Oh! NEVER crossed my mind...WHY? Why would that not be my first response..to call her, in love, explain it and expect the best? I know the "emailers" heart and I know she would never purposely hurt or attack me, but something in me made me rise like a lion, defensive and ready to speak my mind. That makes me so disappointed in myself and who I think I really am....Why would be first response be defensive and feel attacked instead of thinking the best. But get this...that's not the end. I call her, explain the situation, she thanks me for calling and then...AND THEN, AND THEN goes onto say how she has been praying for me and my family! Wha? Not only was I way off base in my assumption, but this Godly woman had been praying for me! I want to respond FIRST in love because HE has first loved me!

God forgive me and thanks for always humbling me when I need it!
 And we have known and believed
 the love that God has for us.
God is love, and he who abides in love
abides in God, and God in him.
1 John 4:16


Anonymous said...

ooooh. such a good reminder for me to be slow to speak. and to always assume positive intent.


Rachael. said...

I got you added girlfriend! Nice to "meet" you!

KI4GSZ said...
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