Rainy Mondays~

Oh, how I love weekends and how can it be (early) Monday morning already!? The weather was nice even though rain was predicted, (surprise, surprise) Darren and I biked all morning Saturday and then spent the day helping Tim get ready for his last high school formal. I never thought a boy would need all day to get ready but we (he) waited until the last minute for a few things...flowers, dry cleaners, wash car...etc.. those kind of guy things! He took two girls from school, they all kind of went as a group and he decided to "pimp" out the car! He was pretty creatve..rigged up some lights, had strawberries and chocolate! Cute! Kind of sad, being his last formal!~

Yesterday, all five of us went on a loooong bike ride! We sometimes have to get creative in finding things we all five like to do...this is not Molly's favorite thing but she was nice enough to grace us with her presence : )  I had to snap this picture of her. Tim's bike broke and while Darren and Tim were working on it, she pulls out her notecards to study! Love that girl! She is everything I have never been and I just adore her!!

Here a few pictures of the Tim's creation! Pretty funny!

Off to start a new week and a full Monday! Field trip with 50 fourth graders! Yippe :)

Wish I had these to wear..since it is.....RAINING!!

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Kate said...

So sweet! What a wonderful son you have, taking 2 girls :) Enjoy the time with your family!!