fUn FrIdAy

Yahoo, it's a Friday~
We have done state testing
in class all week
and my brain is TIRED!
I didn't even take the test,
just administered it! ha~
So for today, I am just posting
some fun things
that make me happy!

I love these red chairs! 
They even look kinda of comfy!
A red chair looks awesome in any room!
This is on my "hope to own someday" list
This weekend I would love to have
an afternoon picnic right here
in the middle of the orange groves!

But this right here is my favorite!
I love the city, the hustle and bustle,
the people, the stores...exhilirating!
I need a good weekend 
hanging,exploring, shopping, 
and walking around in the city!~



Kate said...

Hope you have a fun weekend!

Valia Lind said...

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