The Best Part of Summer!

July has been packed with more fun than
I am sure I can even write about!
The best part was having my cousin and her daughter
visit for  almost a week!
I had been so homesick for my Ohio family and knew
I would not be able to see them this summer.
So I was extra happy when Kelli said she was going to come
to Oregon! It was a somewhat spontaneous trip on her part
and I'm so glad her "planning personality" made the quick
decision to come see me! My soul needed it!
She is the calm to my storm and
the peanut butter to my jelly! ; )
It was a sweet visit, filled with hiking, picnics, walks, swimming,
bon fires, smores, the beach, trampolines,
shopping, morning coffee on the swing,
and key lime pie!

I love these little girls so much!
They are quite the pair and would
surely rock the world
if they lived close to eachother!
I have a feeling they will still keep our world spinning anyways...
(in a fun, crazy way!)

1 comment:

Kelli said...

It was the most awesome visit. I should do "spontaneous" more often!