Sunshine, Prayer and a Fur Vest

What a beautiful, sunshiny day here in the NW! I have had some time outside with some fun junior highers, spend time with seniors talking college decisions and had lunch with the cutest senior girl that needed to talk "guy stuff~" I love this weather, this day and MY JOB~

 My day started with a little bit of heaviness. A friend named "Angelica" (I've always wanted to be called Angelica, so we'll call my friend by said name ; )   is going through a difficult time and has pushed me away, so I've given her space, (super hard for me) and I just can't seem to get "in there" and help her..or even just be her friend through this issue. It breaks my heart. So, that was heavy on my heart this morning. As I'm in the shower talking to the Lord about this (which is where some of my best prayer time happens) I realized that this has turned into an "all about me" issue and I was dealing with my own hurt feelings and forgetting what my friend needs right now (or thinks she needs) SPACE!  Moving on....I get to school and see the faces of 27 cute 8th grade girls that are ready for me to teach them Bible. I am taking them through a book called True Beauty..so good..all about inner beauty and God's desire to change us from the inside out! But those sweet girls would not stop talking this morning..how do you teach Bible and lecture them at the same time...ha! Jesus help me~ I head back to my office and remember that today is TUESDAY..the mom's group prays for our school at that time.. I walk all over campus looking for the group and cannot find them. I finally give up and head back to my office, I turn on some worship music and begin to move on with my day. A few minutes later, there is a knock on my window and it's this group of sweet ladies (the praying moms) smiling at me. They were my little angels that should up just when I needed them...ha! They felt like the Lord wanted them to come pray over my office and for me...WHA??? Isn't God so good like that!! hmmmmm! My day was lighter, I was filled and ready to pour into others... I love that HE knows what we need, when we need it!

On an entirely different note: I almost bought one of these the other day but could not bring myself to do it...Are they really coming back???

They had them at the Gap and Old Navy..and Nordstroms..so yeah?
You like?

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