Can't Live Without You~

It's been a fun, busy week!
(do I always say that? I think so)
Mostly because it's the last week of
volleyball for one daughter and
playoffs next week for the oldest daughter!
Don't get me wrong, I love watching my girls
play sports, but I am also very excited
to have a few evenings at home each week,
to maybe do laundry or something like that..ha!
This has also been homecoming week at school and
it has been the best wearing my PJ's, mix and match clothes,
Blast to the Past.(80's :) and today, Spirit Day,
ending in a fun school assembly. Pics to come SOON!
Here is my Friday song I have had playing in my office all day!
"You're the ocean deep
I'm in up to my knees
Wanting desperately to drown

You're the one bright part
Of my languid heart
You're the love
I cannot live without
I can't live without You
I can't live without You

You found me here
I'm barely breathing
You picked me up"

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