Snow, Christmas and MY BOY~

I just bought the much anticipated Jessica Simpson Christmas album "Happy Christmas"
We have a snow day today and what a great day to turn up the Christmas music and drink some hot chocolate!

I had a great weekend celebrating my birthday with my wonderful brother and sister-in-law in LA. They completely spoiled me and loved me! So blessed! We ate, watched movies, went to the movies, got a mani/pedi, and just spent time together! I am so thankful my family didn't mind that I was not with them on my birthday. Don't worry, I made sure we will still party together. We will be having a bday dinner when Tim gets home from college TODAY!!

my lovely sister and her awesome red lips!
wish this was closer!
Yes, my big body is blocking their cute tree : - (


my lovely brother and sister!
love em~

My sweet boy is coming home from college today,
We haven't seen him in 3 months!
Soooo excited!
Super nervous, it's snowing!
Praying he is sleeping in his own bed tonight!
I've missed him GREATLY!!!

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