Advent Celebrations~

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When I was growing up, this is what Advent Calendar meant to me.
My grandma would always get us each a calendar for the Advent season.
Our church has always observed Advent and this year they  aren't and
I really wanted find something to do together as a family.
I also teach an 8th grade Bible Class at school and very few students
were even sure what Advent meant or even heard of it. SAD!
So, I decided to change that and I did some research and have found
some great resources online.

"A Family Advent, Keeping the Savior in Christmas"
is an awesome book that my friend is using with her family.
I'm trying to find it in our local bookstores, no luck yet!

 A Family Advent Celebration: This is a wonderful children's book that I used to read to my 4th graders. It's a little too juvenile for my kids, but I think I might still pull it out and read it :)

The Purpose of Christmas, by Rick Warren. I know I have this book somewthere in my Christmas book collection. I really need to find it and read it myself.

I plan on making this Advent wreath this weekend with my girls.
I found this picture from Loving Christmas.
This site is filled with great ideas for small groups,
bible studies, or family activities to do together!  

Does your church observe Advent?
Do you do anything as a family to observe this Advent season?

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