A few weekends ago, Darren and I were able to get away for a
few nights and just enjoy doing nothing. I loved getting all my
Christmas shopping done, don't think that was Darren's favorite part!
He is a man that will help me shop though...quickly!
We love going to the city even though it rained most of the time.
We ordered room service, took late night walks and early morning runs.
It was HEAVEN!

View from our hotel and a view of the city streets on an early Sunday morning.
Just hours after the busy-ness shut down, I'm sure!

Darren "posing" for the camera! ha! Me, posing for the camera...um,
what's up with my crooked thumb? ha!

US~ Such a FUNNNN weekend!

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Traci Michele said...

How fun! Love getting away!

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