Never Goodbye!

This is Ben, he has been our worship pastor over the last 18 months. His girlfriend has lived with us the last four months, which means that Ben spent many, many hours at our house. He and Sarah, quickly became apart of our family, as they danced right into our hearts!  There was never a dull moment with them around. Dance parties, game nights, movie nights, crazy dinners, many nights ending with long talks and prayer together..on our knees, in our livingroom! We fell in love with these kids! (I liked to call them my little brother and sister even though I could be their mom) Today, we had one last supper together, one last tv show, lounging on the couch and one last prayer time..this time in sad tears as we said goodbye! They are moving back to California to finish more schooling! Hopefully,  this is just a SEE YOU SOON!  These two have been at the top of our 2010 list of blessings! They have left a print on our hearts, especially my sweet 12 year old!  She adores them and fell into a heep on her bed when they left.  I LOVE THOSE TWO!! Precious and wise beyond years! Filled with Jesus, filled with Joy and filled with Passion!  I can't wait to see how our paths cross again down the road!
We already have a spring break trip planned!! ha!


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Oh no, so sad! Ben was so fun when I visited last summer (His girlfriend is gorgeous.) I know your whole family will miss them both.