Perfect Timing~Wordful Wednesday

We just got back from spending a few days
in Redding at Bethel Church.
It was a sweet weekend away, God's perfect timing!
Our first weekend not in "official" ministry for over 20 years
and we were able to get away and SOAK up some
good time with GOD and an awesome group of college kids!
This is a picture of the prayer chapel. We spent quite a bit
of time there on Saturday. Good time with Jesus,
as well as some good family prayer time too!
(missed our boy, of course)
Nothing better than Jesus Culture on Sunday morning!
This is the same band that sings

This was my 400th post and I was planning on doing something
really cool for this BIG post, but this is the BEST...an
awesome weekend away, in God's perfect time!
He's so good like that! I love HIM!

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Rachael. said...

Looks like you had a totally refreshing time!!!