Fun Things Wednesday

Today I'm just doing a fun post about FUN WEDNESDAY!
Join us!
My favorite energy drink,
 I love Advocare and truly believe it got 
me through my training to run my first half marathon in April!!
Do you have a favorite "pick me up" drink (besides coffee ; ) 
Have you been SPARKED?
I love spending time here and I love 
even more..getting gift cards of LOVE in the mail
from one of my favorite soul sisters KELLI ; ) 
 Sweet surprises like that just bless my socks off..ha!

Here is my favorite Bible treasure I came across this week!
And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. Matthew 24:14
This sums up our entire calling as a Christ follower! I have had many conversations lately about the return of Christ, when it will be, are we in the end times, when will we see Him face to face?? Here we go, my friends!! When we tell the whole world..all nations..THEN THE END WILL COME!! Let's get busy! 

 This is the second Radical book by David Platt.
I wrote about the first one here.
Unleashing the people of God for the people of God!
Also a great read if you are looking for a book that encourages you to take the leap!

The last two things are just for fun and two things that I LOVE but will probably not do-or wear!
My friend Beth, has a cute little nose ring and I want one so bad! It's so little and darling!
I'm just not able to wear it to work...or I would have one tomorrow ; )
 (with a tat on my foot..ha)
I can't wait to get some of this for my girls! They have been dying to try it!
Crackle nail polish! Again, looks fun but I prob won't wear black polish!

Happy Hump Day!
What fun things make you happy?

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Suzanne and Chris Acuff said...

My girls did the white crackle. It's really cute. Try a feather in your hair. I let my girls do that this summer. :)