Week Recap~

Last week, Haley and I loaded up the car and headed 10 hours south to spend some time with Darren. Since school has not started for us, we thought we would squeeze in as much time with him as we could. Tim and Molly joined us a few days later. I love the area, the people at D's job, the school, the beach, the weather and I just love Cali period! He is in a little trailer right now, which is perfect for him, but our family of 5 feels like we are camping! God's provisions are endless and I could write several more posts to sum all that He has done for us regarding this job, the move, etc. I know we have quite a transition ahead of us, living away from Darren for awhile, but we feel that it is important for Molly to finish her senior year in OR. We are looking at an  adventure! ha! It will be exciting to watch God, once again provide in all the ways HE does so well! : ) 

We have been hanging out at the beach, trying new churches, checking out the huge outlet mall AND finding a new dentist to pull Haley's infected tooth! (never a dull moment with the Bart family)

ROAD TRIP! My obnoxious excitement on my way to see D.
My twins! ha!

When God says do it, 
He’s already 
planned the resources 
we need to accomplish the task.

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