Five Minute Friday: Growing

I am so happy about today's 5 Minute Friday! GROWING! Today we are celebrating my dear daughter's 17th birthday! Impossible, we just had her 5th birthday tea party, complete with pearls, white gloves and little sandwiches!  FIVE MINUTES.....


My dear little sunshine,
from the moment i held you,
you have been a complete JOY
to our family!
your smile, your tender, tender heart,
your love, compassion and gentle spirit
always leave me speechless..and thankful.
you are just like your daddy in that area..patient,
kind..not much rattles you, miss molly!
I don't think i've ever seen you angry,
mad or mean! you shine Jesus,
and leave me wanting to be more like HIM!
you are a great sister, always pulled by the big
brother that wants to hang out and
the little sister that wants to play!
Thank you for being a constant
calm in this family!
You are my sunshine
and I thank God for you everyday!

mom and molly~

Senior picture~


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on raising a lovely daughter! Don't forget you had a big hand on who she is as a person!

Tracy said...

Hi Tracy - firstly, thank you for visiting my blog and secondly, I'm glad i hopped back to see yours. My babies have turned 16 and 18 and it feels like yesterday they were in diapers. Talk about growing. And then there is that feeling, like you've just left school yourself? Well, hopefully, growth is less fleeting spiritually.
God bless

Robin said...

She is so beautiful inside and out. I love her laid back vibe and her big sparkly smile. She gets her hugging skills from her mom!