Christmas Break Fun~

This has been such a full month of fun things that I don't want to miss posting it..since this is my current method of scrapbooking right now :) The month started with our 21 year anniversary and although he was working in Cali, I did get some beautiful flowers and he got a basket of fruit..ha! He has no interest in flowers, candy or anything like that and he seriously loves fruit, so it was the best I could do :) When he came home for Christmas break, we were able to sneak away to the beach for a few days. PRICELESS~ We hurried home from that trip to celebrate our 20 YEAR OLD son's birthday..say what? How can that be!? We just got married..ha! It was perfect because my brother and sis n law had just gotten into town so we had a big family dinner together. Somewhere in between all of that I ran a half-marathon and Molly went to her last Christmas formal. It was a fun night of "CandyLand" theme party! Once my bro and sis arrived the week was filled with baking, eating, shopping, movies, playing games, celebrating my mom's bday by painting pottery together ending with Christmas Eve service in a barn, communion and a sleepover at mom and dad's! SUPER FUN! Dad read the Christmas story, we prayed together and dug into the presents! I am so beyond blessed by my family and sad to see the season end! I love it..all of it! 
Christmas 2011

 What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life - to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot

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