~Happy Valentine's Day~
No big plans around here
except to wait for Darren to get home
Wednesday so we can celebrate
HIS birthday!
Maybe we will even make pink
pancakes :) We will do a little
V-Day dinner as a fam while he is here too :)
Over the weekend my sweet mom surprised
me with a little shopping trip for some new
make-up! Yippee! MAC just came
out with some delicious new colors
last week and the fun pink makes
me sooooo excited for spring!

I am really trying to cut back on the coffee
but these cute cups keep calling my name!
I love festive things.....

Love heart day~

Here is my fun loot!
(Candy lips and jelly beans not included!)
Violet color eyeshadows
Pink Swoon Powder blush
Woo Me Lip Glass
I also got some much needed foundation.

This was so fun because I really am
a Maybeline, Cover Girl woman...

I miss making Valentines cards so much
that I am having a little party with
my 8th grade Bible Class at school.
Love these vintage cards~

These are super cute bookmarks
I found on Pinterest.
They are just paint cards with heart shaped hole punches~
Cute, Cute!

My Valentine for last 23 years~
Can't wait for him to get home~

1 comment:

Robin said...

"Y" to the yay for makeup, cards, pink and red and a good man. Gurl u better keep an eye on your MAC though. Ummm
Love ya #BonQuiQui