Favorite Friday

Being from California, the northwest leaves alot to be desired when it comes to nice golden tan for summer. Although they can be spendy, I've tried the spray tans a few times. I like the "glow" it gives me, but I can't quite deal with the orangish hands and splochy feet. People begin asking me if I have a disease or something. I know, I know, I am supposed to wipe them off after the spray, apply lotion before the spray or something like that. I forget all the secrets to a perfect spray tan. Plus, I can't wrap my mind around paying $25 every two-three weeks to be "golden" Good grief! Just give me some sun! I am trying to stay away from the tanning beds, even though I did sneak into one a few weeks ago, I understand the danger in using them. Jergens Natural Glow is my new best friend. It is a reasonable price and can be easily found in most stores. It makes the sunless days of summer bearable and but most of all, my white pastiness bearable to look at in the mirror.


Stephanie said...

I've heard so many wonderful things about this product. I recently tried Lavera's self-tanner and it's fantastic - the best one I've used to date! The color is so natural and it doesn't have a strong chemical-y odor.

P.S. I found your blog by way of Nicole at Apron Strings Aflutter.

Nicole@ApronStringsAflutter said...

I think I have some left from last Summer when you peer pressured me into buying some. Do you think it's still good??? I'll have to break it out again. ;)