Favorite Friday..THIRD DAY & JAY LENO

Look what I got!!! The new Third Day CD that just came out this past Tuesday. I have been a Third Day fan since I was 16! Ok, maybe 26, but from the beginning of time I have loved this group. I have lost count of how many times I have seen them in concert. I had a huge, "ginormous" blessing surprise this week while we were in LA....my brother took me to the Jay Leno show the very night they were the musical guests! I can't believe that they happen to be on the very night I was in town. I was so excited, I could barely contain myself. We happen to have floor seats and we were able to talk to them a bit afterwards. Unfortunately, I didn't have this CD yet for them to sign. So they scribbled their signature on a wadded up piece of paper. Hey, whatever works, right! Of course, no cameras in the studio, which was such a bummer. We were so close to them, I could have taken tons and made a whole album just of them ; ) This CD is one of their best and you must get it!!

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Pete Wilson said...

I love this CD!