Greg Laurie Family

I have always loved listening to Greg Laurie's sermons on oneplace.com and I have several of his books and just read parts of his new book, "Lost Boys" I used to go to the Harvest Festival when I lived in Orange County years ago and always looked forward to them every summer.

Sadly, the Laurie family lost their oldest son, Chris, last week in a terrible accident. He leaves behind his wife, daughter and a baby due in November. It is crushing to read about this talented, Godly young man taken far too early. BUT it's a beautiful encouragement and blessing to hear the incredible words of Pastor Laurie last Sunday morning, just three days after losing his son. We can't imagine every going through something like this but I would hope and pray that I would be able to say what he shared that morning......I STILL BELIEVE! If you have ever listened to Pastor Laurie and been blessed by his words, why not leave the family a note of encouragement here.

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