We are heading off for one last, quick summer trip to see family in Ohio. Darren and Tim will be staying home to clean house...actually to work and go to football practice. Daily doubles start soon, a sign summer is coming to an end.

When we were in California last week, we had a chance to make a spontaneous trip to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley. Haley thoroughly enjoyed it and we ended up spending almost three hours there. I was excited for Haley to check out AirForce One that is being housed there but not surprisingly, her favorite part was looking at all of Nancy Reagan's dresses. Not sure how many there were, but well over four rooms full. At the end of the tour, she bought a souvenir book filled with Mrs. Reagan's wardrobe. She bypassed all the fun educational videos for fashion!! Even though I was dreaming about the beach down the road, it was well worth the trip.

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lookin4sprouts said...

Hey, where in Ohio....you know that's not too far of a drive from us???? just a thought, would love to hug your neck! call me, kendra